Erasmus Policy Statement


Our institution´s participation in the Erasmus+ programme is part of our own overall strategy of modernisation and internationalization. This will be achieved by giving staff, students and invited staff from companies a key role as well as by taking part in international design weeks at partner HEIs and participating in training programmes at partner enterprises.

Our overall strategy of internationalization will be therefore based on bilateral agreements with other HEIs and companies. Therefore, our institution will make cooperation and mobility the core elements of our institutional policy and to this end:

a) We will sign new bilateral agreements with HEIs with similar courses to the ones we offer and study the similarities and differences to let our students and incoming ones, staff and invited staff from companies benefit as much as possible from an enriching experience. Thus, we would be contributing to building a European Education area.

b) We will continue looking for new enterprises related to the design business where our students can carry out their traineeships in an international context and put into practice the theoretical and practical knowledge studied at our school in a real-life situation.

Our main goal by participating in the Erasmus+ programme is to increase mobilities, both incoming and outgoing, giving our students and staff new opportunities, widen their learning and methodologies scopes and offer them new training possibilities. By offering them the possibility of taking part in international mobilities that will surely enrich them fits with our strategy of internationalisation and modernisation and will contribute to strengthen European Identity through education.

EA Antonio López
Escuela superior de diseño

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