Course: Advanced Arts and Design Technician in Graphic Design for Advertising

Short cycle (EQF level 5)

Qualification: Advanced Arts and Design vocational-training degree in Graphics and Audiovisual Communication.

Duration: 2000 hours, including attendance to lectures, internships, workshops and a final project.

1st year. 60 ECTS ( Annual subjects)

Visual Expression and Representation Fundamentals.
Image Theory.
Computer Media applied to Graphic Design.
History of Advertising Image.
Graphic Design Fundamentals.
Technical English for Graphic Design.
Graphic Design Advertising Projects.
Labour Guidance.

2nd year. 60 ECTS ( Annual subjects)

Computer Media applied to Print Advertising. 
History of the Advertising Image.
Theory of Advertising and Marketing. 
Audiovisual Language and Technology. 
Graphic Design Advertising Projects. 
Industrial Printing Techniques. 
Business Initiatives. 
Integrated Project. 
Interships and Workshops.


Advanced Technicians in Advertising Graphic Design produce visual communicative artworks. They take part in informative graphic design projects, advertising campaigns, editorial design projects, corporate identity designs, packaging design and signage creation.

This course gives students the specific training to be able to design communicative projects ordered by other professionals, companies or institutions, as well as plan their realization by means of the definition of formal, aesthetic, functional and technical aspects.

Students will be able to organize and carry out different phases of a project to make sure the expression of the communicative objectives is achieved following the corresponding quality controls.

Academic opportunities: 

Arts and Design Degrees related to the course.

Career prospects: 

Once the course is finished, students will be prepared to work for companies in the audiovisual business, advertising agencies, multimedia companies, design studios, marketing, advertising or design departments, public institutions or online publishing.

They will be able to carry out their advertising persuading activities either as a freelance professional, hired or in-house staff member in a company and develop graphic advertising projects for institutions, companies or design studios.

Relevant job titles:

Students will be qualified to carry out the following tasks:

- Production of advertising graphic products for companies and institutions, and their monitoring and quality control in the graphic business.
- Creation of products related to the graphic communication of a message, such as, billboards, displays, posters, brochures, adverts, merchandising, and all the elements associated to them.
- Preparation and execution of final artworks for their correct printing, format and finish touch selection , proofs analysis, quality control and post-production.
- Art director.
- Ideas man.
- Direction coordinator. 
- Graphic Artist, expert in the selection and use of typographical and calligraphic resources and their hand-made writing for different applications. 
- Graphic artist assistant in multidisciplinary advertising teams.

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